Karrie Hardin

Karrie Hardin, MT-BC, NMT

Karrie Hardin provides both online and in-person music therapy sessions from the Denver area and is able to provide services nationwide, excluding some states.

She works with individuals, groups, and families with a variety of health and mental health concerns including anxiety, depression, eating and behavioral disorders, Parkinson’s.  Some of the services and classes offered by Karrie, and issues addressed, include

  • Parts & Pieces: An Internal Family Systems Approach to Songwriting in Music
  • Dissociation Association© When Your Clients Leave the Room
  • Eating Disorders
  • Emotional and Behavioral Support
  • Neuro Rehab
  • Therapeutic Lessons

Karrie is also a researcher and educator, currently serving as Treasurer for the Colorado Association for Music Therapy.

Find out more about  Karrie on her main website or feel free to call us at ACCA and ask to be connected: ‪(601) 533-8255