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Norway’s Secret: Enjoying a Long Winter

How do Norwegians endure their long winter? In many cases, they simply “refuse to participate in the Misery Olympics.” This article from Fast Company discusses how focusing on the positive aspects of chilly weather promotes a mindset shift that allows residents to celebrate winter.

Therapy and Your Insurance Benefits

Health consumers are rarely informed by insurance companies about this very important point. A frank and honest discussion from a mental healthcare professional about your insurance benefits and why many choose not to accept insurance.  Read the article here. ACCA counselors believe that you have a right to options regarding your mental healthcare and provide…

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The Psychological Side of Pain

Counselor Skeetz Edinger calls this article from Psychology Today “Important Stuff.” He notes that when issues of emotion or psychology are brought into the discussion on pain, people can become very defensive as they feel they’re being told they’re imagining their pain or making it up. While we don’t imagine our physical pain, that doesn’t…

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How to Heal When You’ve Been Wronged

We know life can be hard for anyone, right? We’re not expecting all the usual pain of regular life to bypass us — why should we be spared when everyone has to suffer somewhere along the line? But… sometimes things happen that feel like Just.Too.Much. and we might find ourselves stuck in Blame Mode. Blaming…

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Idea: Talking to Strangers Might Boost Your Happiness

Thoughtfully teaching young children about “stranger danger” is a necessity for safety. But do we take the idea too far? I think so, and so do these researchers who are looking at how, actually, talking to strangers is good for us. There’s another link on that webpage that will play an interview with the researcher, Nicholas…

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