Catherine Daley, counselor & therapist, Texas

Catherine “Kate” Daley, LMFT

ACCA would like to offer our sincere congratulations to one of our counselors, Kate Daley, who recently completed the requirements to drop the -A, or Associate, from her license. In Texas, LMFT-A counselors have completed all of the graduate-level education and training necessary to be a licensed therapist. During their Associate period, counselors must complete at least two years of supervised work that includes at least 3,000 hours of board-approved, supervised marriage and family therapy practice experience including 1,500 hours of direct clinical services, with 750 hours of working with couples or families.

The LMFT-A license represents a wealth of training and education in guiding others to wellness. Being able to take the next step to full LMFT licensure shows a sustained commitment to that work (and a mountain of paperwork!)

Congratulations to Kate! We are thrilled to have her as a part of our ACCA team.