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Your Friend Is Not Your Therapist…and Shouldn’t Be!

This meme recently made its way through my social media, and I thought it made an important point. I’m a big proponent for mental healthcare and also of maintaining meaningful friendships, but I think that it is critical to remember that these two relationships should be complimentary and not substitutions for one another. Yes, a deep…

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An Up-Close Look At First Time Therapy

When considering whether or not to try therapy for the first time, many people are nervous or hesitant because they want to know exactly what the experience is like. This video produced by Buzzfeed’s Latinx culture/comedy channel Pero Like provides a surprisingly personal look into some initial counseling sessions. The video features Latinx men receiving therapy…

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Idea: Talking to Strangers Might Boost Your Happiness

Thoughtfully teaching young children about “stranger danger” is a necessity for safety. But do we take the idea too far? I think so, and so do these researchers who are looking at how, actually, talking to strangers is good for us. There’s another link on that webpage that will play an interview with the researcher, Nicholas…

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