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Educating Mental Health Providers: Working with Consensually Non-Monogamous Clients

Did you know that mental health providers are required to keep up with ongoing education in order to maintain their license to practice? We’ve started offering Affordable CEUs (Continuing Education Units), and our next presentation is a collaborative conversation about working with people who are in or exploring Consensually Non-Monogamous Relationships (CNM). If you wish…

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Your Friend Is Not Your Therapist…and Shouldn’t Be!

This meme recently made its way through my social media, and I thought it made an important point. I’m a big proponent for mental healthcare and also of maintaining meaningful friendships, but I think that it is critical to remember that these two relationships should be complimentary and not substitutions for one another. Yes, a deep…

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‘Tis the Season – Finding Joy Safely This Fall

The holiday season is quickly approaching. Whether you prefer pumpkins, sugar skulls, turkey, or candy canes, you can still find joy in your favorite fall celebrations. Safe, socially distanced walks around the neighborhood may provide some holiday cheer. The Graustark office is getting into the Halloween Spirit already, and is hopefully bringing some smiles to…

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Welcome Victoria Templeton!

  The Affordable Counseling Collaborative is pleased to welcome another counselor onto our team. Victoria Templeton is another Our Lady of the Lake University graduate that is committed to finding mental wellness solutions for individuals on a sliding scale. Victoria’s passion is working with teenagers and their families, guiding them through the teen years. She…

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Normalizing Talk About Mental Health Conditions

The biggest weapon in battling mental health stigma and shame is speaking up. The more that individuals talk about their struggles, the more empowered others are to do the same. Once individuals feel free to discuss these issues openly, they are more likely to request and receive help and healing. The National Alliance on Mental…

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Back to Basics: How To Start Therapy

Starting therapy can be a daunting task, but there are resources that provide a step by step guide to make the process simpler. This NPR article is an excellent guide that starts where many others of its type miss – acknowledging and overcoming the stigma associated with mental health care. While many aspects of pop culture…

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Struggling To Find Affordable Mental Health Care? We Are Here To Help

A recent article from Kaiser Health News explores the issues with finding affordable mental healthcare in US. Even with mandated coverage included in benefit plans, a large number of people find themselves looking out of their insurance network to find help. ACCA recognizes that this article is accurate, and we are committed to helping you…

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Houston-Area Schools Become A Mental Health Resource

Accessing mental health can be difficult for children, especially those with working parents or other attendance issue barriers. It is becoming more and more common for schools to intervene to try and bridge the care gap, and one such program is coming to Fort Bend ISD. “Like with physical health, providing for students’ mental health…

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Using “Safety Signals” To Cope With Anxiety

Coping with anxiety is not an easy task, and having a variety of tools at your disposal is helpful. From managing anxiety in the moment to confronting it in a therapy session – a path to a more peaceful life exists. A new study shows that finding and using a tool called a “safety signal”…

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Self-Compassion and Self-Acceptance at the Root of Self-Care

When it comes to finding solutions and inspiration when managing your mental health, it is important to remember that wisdom lies in many different areas. In this article from the New York Times, Buddhist teacher Haemin Sunim shares his ideas on relieving stress. ACCA counselor, Tracy Morris, highlights that “…through the lens of compassion, ‘imperfection’ is beautiful…

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