We know life can be hard for anyone, right? We’re not expecting all the usual pain of regular life to bypass us — why should we be spared when everyone has to suffer somewhere along the line? But… sometimes things happen that feel like Just.Too.Much. and we might find ourselves stuck in Blame Mode.

Blaming can be our way of coping. It could be our attempt at feeling empowered after being the victim. And truth: There really are things that can happen to us where We.Are.Not.At.Fault!

But here’s the thing — getting to that place of realizing the trauma is not your fault… it’s just the beginning of true healing.

This essay by Brianna Wiest on Thought Catalog might inspire you to see how healing after trauma is OUR responsibility. And even more so, Wiest spells out how taking the reins of your own healing is not a burden — but a gift.

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