Iyabo Akinadewo

Iyabo Akinadewo, PhD Intern

Hello my name is Iyabo and my background in psychology, MFT, and expressive arts has prepared me to provide evidence-based therapy to all individuals, couples, and families regardless of gender, race, sexuality, religion, or ethnicity. I have worked in NYC for several years as a Behavioral Therapist, Art Therapist, and a Group Therapist with Adults, Children, and Families in various government and private organizations.

My goal for my potential clients is to help them find their passion and to maximize their fullest potential.  I believe that our belief system, cultural values, health-related values, family of origin can impact the way we view ourselves and our community. With the use of systemic and relational therapies, I would like to help you and your family explore their interpersonal relationships and/or goals for the future.  I offer free consultations to all potential clients and work virtually.  I work either sliding scale or pro bono for individuals, families, and couples.

As a doctoral intern, I work under licensure and clinical supervision of D. Skeetz Edinger, MS, LMFT-S in Massachusetts.

Find out more about Iyabo on SEFT’s main website or feel free to call us at ACCA and ask to be connected: ‪(601) 533-8255‬.